Why I start writing blogs.

Why I start writing blogs.

2024, Mar 18    

One day, when Dr.Zhang suggest me that I build my own blog website, I immediately agree with this great idea. Blog is no longer fashion among people these days, comparing to “friend zone”. But as a platform to give technical solutions, share thoughts, spreading ideas. It still have quite a lot advantages.

As a coding beginner, I always run into various issues. These issues, however, have often been encountered by others before, with solutions already discovered. A simple search within documentation, forums, and the blogs of others can lead me to possible solutions, which are of great help to beginners.

However, as the industry progresses incessantly, novel challenges are bound to arise, and the former solutions may not always suffice to address these newfound issues. The number of issues always exceeds that of solutions. Technical documentaries won’t cover all the problems we might encouter. So it is still a must for developers to improve documents and giving solutions. Otherwise valuable works would cost too much to get familiar and often go unnoticed. Beginners would spend more time on useless efforts.

Language could be another issue that brings high learning cost. While English serves as a universal medium, acquiring knowledge in a foreign language may not yield optimal efficiency, especially for a college freshman. When you just start learning something new, documents in a familiar language do help a lot.

On another facet, as an individual with unique personality, though I’m not a very social persion, I do wish others to know more about me and my life, which is not just about codings.

A blog would be able to solve problems above. It’s something highly personal. A blogger offers possible solutions or guides in their own style, and oftenly, in their own language. As for me, I would prefer sharing my knowledge and experiences through this medium. And I believe that doing so would help improve our industry.

So, there it is. My blog built with Github Pages + Jekyll. I’ll share both my technical experiences and memmories that I cherish. While I am aware that I will likely remain the sole reader for an extended period, I wish that this space could record my journey of growth, and perhaps, serve as a potential inspiration for others.